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Dr Lo,

You are one of Philadelphia’s “top docs” and I most assuredly know why. As an exceptional surgeon and physician, you possess many beautiful gifts. Knowledge and skill is but a part of which practitioner makes. Your fervent passion in your chosen specialty is boundless, and clearly sets you apart from the rest. I have greatly enjoyed the beautiful results from my past surgeries, and feel proud and privileged to be in your continuous care.

—57 yr old female facelift patient


Good Morning Dr Lo, Gina and Mildred,

You guys are just awesome- second to none! For years, I have considered breast reduction lift, but never acted on it because of fear and time.

In March, I finally said to myself that “I am tired of not feeling confident about my breast, clothes just don’t fit the way I want them to. Lets take time to do something for myself!”

I browsed online and read reviews on several doctors but somehow I kept going back to Dr. Lo, I simply felt that “this guy seems nice and cool.” So I decided my first appointment should be with Dr. Lo, I loved his credentials.

Fearful, shy, nervous and most most most of all embarrassed about having to take my shirt off. I coached myself in keeping and making this appointment. Then I would go from there.

I felt a warm welcome once I got there, but still nervous and anxious. After sitting there waiting, watching the staff and then talking with them, I started feeling comfortable knowing that they took to time hear me make sure I didn’t have any questions are concerns. I wasn’t rushed since it was a free consultation. This became my first and only stop. I had no doubt that Dr. Lo would care for me! I felt sure, confident, and most of all safe that my procedure would go well. This very important to me.

I wear a suit to work everyday but even on when I’m not at work I never take the suit top off. It has become my permanent uniform to cover my breast. Now I wear a tan top, halter top, or a dress- something I’ve never done but wanted to be able to do but cant remember ever being comfortable to do it.

My recovery is going great. I’m overwhelmed and excited to show off. My first shopping outing will be to Victoria Secret with my Hubby. Now I don’t want to keep my shirt on. My hubby is happy and excited about my new look as well.

Thank you Dr. Lo, Gina, Mildred and the entire team for making my happy life much happier. You have made a difference.



Dr. Lo,

I would like to thank you for all you have done on my behalf of my daughter and I. You are the kind of person who makes dreams come true.